Departments Overview

There are seven Departments on the U.S.S. JURASSIC. These Departments are named after the fictional Departments found on board the STAR TREK starships. The Departments on the JURASSIC are:

Communications Operations
Computer Operations Science
Engineering Security

Some of these Departments are combined from time to time. For instance, Computer Ops. is combined with the Science Dept., etc. New crew members are asked to choose a Department when they join the JURASSIC. If no division is chosen, the Records Officer will assign the crew member to the Department with the least number of members at the time.

While members of a particular Department may have activities that reflect their particular Department (for instance, the Engineering Department may design blueprints for our ship, or the Communications Department may work on our ship's newsletter), the main purpose for having Department is to help the Command Staff stay in touch with the many members of the ship.

As the chapter grows it will become increasingly more difficult for any one person to stay in touch with every member of the chapter. For this reason, the chapter is broken down into Departments with a CHIEF over each. The Department Chief will be responsible for staying in touch with the people who have chosen to be in his/her Department. The Department Chief will then submit a monthly report to the First Officer. This will help us stay in touch with everyone. As a Department grows and at the discretion of the DC, an Assistant DC may be chosen to help with the DC's duties.

If you have a question, comment, or suggestion about anything at all on the JURASSIC, you should first go to your Department Chief. However, this "chain of command" is in no way meant to keep the crew away from the Commanding Officer or First Officer, so please don't be afraid to come to us at any time, especially if you have tried to contact your Department Chief and not been satisfied with the response. We are here to serve you. We realize that Department Chief's like everyone else occasionally do get swamped with mundane activities which prevent them from handling their DC duties temporarily. Whenever possible, please follow the chain of command. It keeps the ship working more efficiently.


1. Contact everyone in your Department at least once a month. This can be done through mail, phone, internet, Departmental newsletter, card, etc.

2. Report to First Officer once a month. The XO will let you know the deadline for these reports. Missing 2 reports in a row or 3 in a year will constitute a "warning". Missing one more report after that (within the next 6 months) will result in dismissal from the DC position. Even if there is no activity (or you have no crew under you at the moment) you must file a report stating "no activity" or "no crew". It is the DC's responsibility to keep their department active so reporting "no activity" is only allowed once per year. If your department is not active you should come up with something to help them be active.

Possible things to report include:

  • any crew members honored by SF, or their community for anything
  • any crew members projects being worked on, or completed
  • any new crew members added to your Department
  • the number of crew members
  • anything else you think is important.

3. Make regular reports to your R/1 RDC. (A list of Region 1 officers can be found on the Region One webpage.) Contact your RDC for his/her deadlines for reports.


  1. Must be a member of the JURASSIC with membership dues paid.
  2. Must have passed SFA Officer's Training School.
  3. Must have taken or be willing to take a SFA course in the field that pertains to the DC position. The course must be taken and passed within the first three months of receiving the DC position.
  4. Must be at least 18 years of age.