USS Jurassic Photo Album

Over the years the USS JURASSIC members have been involved in numerous activities, both as a club and individually. We have done things like attend Region One Summits and conferences, sign a treaty with Barney and the Klingons, recruiting drives at video stores and theaters, amateur radio Field Day, and just plain fun parties. The links below will take you to our photo albums of the most recent events where JURASSIC members were present. . .

2005 Events
Description of the event
10-10 Convention - June 2005 Ten-Ten International Convention - Mesa, Arizona
2003 Events
Description of the event
The USS Jurassic's VE team holds Amateur radio testing sessions several times throughout the year.
Casual photos of members relaxing during the year.
Members of the USS Ohio joined members of the USS Jurassic for Amateur Radio Field Day.
2002 Events
Description of the event
We saw a glass blowing factory, Harley Davidson shop/resturant, and Museum of Radio Technology with two other Amateur Radio Clubs
Popular Star Trek Convention
We learned about the history of air travel from earliest times to space exploration with the crew of the USS Questar
Members of the USS Ohio and local hams joined us for this annual event held in a park in Georgetown, OH
Members had a cookout and amateur radio special event at the CO's home
Some of the crew got together right after Christmas at the CO's home for a rousing game of Star Trek Monolopy. The XO Randy won!
Our members are involved in a variety of things.