Photo Album - 2002-04a

Amateur Radio Field Day - June 2002

Members of the USS Ohio and local hams joined us for this annual event held in a park in Georgetown, OH

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Getting started at 7 am isn't for everyone. Gary K8BE standing smiling, and Charles KG4DRD sitting trying to catch a few more zzzz's in the shelter in Hanlon Park -- Georgetown, OH

From the front of the park you can see the shelter with the JURASSIC banner hanging in the center and 4 flags hanging above it (US flag, Ohio flag, MIA/POW flag, and Starfleet flag). In front you can see two of our antennas. The dipole was hung over top of the shelter and attached to trees on each side.

This was the first year we held a VE license testing session in the morning. You can see JURASSIC member Charles in the red shirt third from the left. Charles successfully upgraded to a GENERAL class license. It was a very productive test session with several people upgrading their licenses and one person going from no license to an Extra class license in one day!

Another first for this year was a friend (AL W8UJM) who is a pilot, flying over the Field Day site. Jerry KB8PVY took pictures during the flight. The people in red shirts are Field Day workers. We used paper plates to spell out the JURASSIC's callsign, and used nails to hold them down and keep the wind from blowing them away.

Ohio State Representative Tom Neihaus was one of the many visitors to our Field Day site this year. He is seen here in front of the shelter with CO, Carolyn N8ST.

Left to right: Charles KG4DRD watching as Barb KC8SXM (CO of the USS OHIO) and Roger WD8ITD (XO of the USS OHIO) set up some of the equipment inside the shelter. Did I mention how hot and humid it was this year? Well at least it didn't rain.