Photo Album - 2002-04b

Amateur Radio Field Day - June 2002

Members of the USS Ohio and local hams joined us for this annual event held in a park in Georgetown, OH

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Chef Paul W8JN cooking our Saturday supper. YUM ... hot dogs and hamburgers.

Roger WD8ITD and Gary K8BE (the Mighty Gorn) working through the night. Although we were plagued with radio and antenna problems at first, we did manage to get on the air with both voice and PSK31 modes starting late Saturday and running all night and into Sunday afternoon.

Jerry KB8PVY unloading his truck Saturday morning in front of the shelter. You can also see the 2 meter J-pole antenns, and the generator we used to power everything. The generator was moved to the woods behind the shelter before we started it up.

Paul W8JN calling "CQ Field Day". That's Barb KC8SXM logging behind the computer.

During the weekend we also give demonstrations of various modes of communication used in amateur radio. One of the demos we gave was the use of solar power. You can see the solar panel on the left side of this photo. This solar panel powered our 2 meter radio all Saturday afternoon.

To let the public know more about us we had lots of freebies on our information table ... info about Amateur Radio, the USS JURASSIC, Starfleet, the USS OHIO, and the Grant Amateur Radio Club's hamfest coming up in Nov. 2002.

Even though Georgetown, Ohio was a little far for Garry VE7ACM to come, he operated Field Day from near his home in Port Albernia, CANADA. Garry is seen here logging during the Field Day weekend. Garry is wearing his USS JURASSIC hat and shirt, so we knew he was thinking about us even though he couldn't be with us.