Photo Album - 2002-07

Train trip to Huntington, WV - February 2002

We saw a glass blowing factory, Harley Davidson shop/resturant, and Museum of Radio Technology with two other Amateur Radio Clubs

We left from the Amtrak train station in Maysville, KY very early in the morning. This is a photo of the bridge between Maysville, KY and Ohio at 6:21 a.m. taken from the train station.

Some of our group boarding the train in Maysville, KY. This trip was a combination of the Grant Amateur Radio Club of Brown County, Ohio; an amateur radio club in Cincinnati, OH; and the USS Jurassic ARC. Members of the Cincinnati club got on the train in Cincinnati, OH and we were able to chat with them on the radio while we were waiting for the train to arrive in Maysville.

USS Jurassic member Gary K8BE in the lounge car on the train. Looking out the train windows at the lights from nearby towns and cities was very pleasant.

The glass factory was the first stop from Huntington, WV. Here you can see a glass vase being formed. The steam comes from the mold which is soaked in water before the glass is inserted in it.

Jurassic and GARC member Jerry KB8PVY has found his dream machine in the Harley Davidson shop, museum, and cafe. Unfortunately we didn't have enough room to bring it home on the train so he had to leave it behind.

Gary outside the Museum of Radio and Technology

Carolyn N8ST beside an old coca-cola machine. Just like the one we had in our grade school when I was a kid! It couldn't possibly be an antique, could it?