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Being a correspondence chapter, we do not have a recruiting officer. Since we seek members from all over the world, it would be impossible for one person to organize and carry out recruiting drives everywhere. For this reason it is expected that every member will do recruiting as they have time. This might take the form of talking to friends about Starfleet and the Jurassic. Or you might be able to put Jurassic flyers in a local book store, video store, or movie theater when a new Star Trek item is coming out. Or if there is a Star Trek or Science Fiction convention you are attending, you may want to take flyers and place them on the free table. If there is a free classified ad newspaper in your home town, you could call them and place an ad for the Jurassic in their paper. Or put notices on the local computer BBS's that have a Star Trek or Science Fiction message area. The possibilities are limitless. And you can receive points toward your next promotion for you recruiting efforts.

Be sure to contact the CO about getting a master copy of the Jurassic flyer. You are responsible for making copies of it, and folding it properly to put in stores, or at conventions. The address that should be put into ads in newspapers, bbs's, etc. is the official USS JURASSIC address which is also the CO's address (according to Starfleet).


If you are involved in some activity that you would like to make a JURASSIC project or activity, you must first contact the CO and XO to get the activity approved. You can NOT use the name of the club with outside activities without the approval of the CO and XO. This is important to remember. The USS JURASSIC is a Star Trek correspondence fan club, and as such wants to present a favorable image to the public. Linking the name of the USS JURASSIC with another organization's club activities just because you are a member of both organizations, may not present the image we are looking for.

The same is true of creating a personal party or event and calling it a USS JURASSIC party or event. Especially since there will be Jurassic and non- Jurassic members at your party. Please don't think we want to prohibit you from having parties with other Jurassic members. In fact we do encourage you to invite other Jurassic members to your personal parties. The more Jurassic members get together and get to know each other, the better it is for the club. But keeping in mind that our members are spread out all over the world, it makes those who can not attend your party feel left out if you have called your party a JURASSIC party. Unless provisions are made for members outside your area to be involved in your party, it should not be called a JURASSIC party.

If you are working with another organization on a party or activity that you think should be linked with the USS JURASSIC . . . or if you are planning a party or event that you want to associate with the ship, please sent a note in writing (or over the internet) to the CO and XO at least one month before the party or activity. The CO and XO will then discuss your request at their earliest convenience, and get back to you about it.

Planning for this type of activity far in advance will also allow you time to advertise this USS JURASSIC approved event in the Trekosaurus newsletter.


The USS JURASSIC has two amateur radio licenses. One is issued in the USA by the FCC and is under the trustee-ship of ADM Carolyn Donner. The other is issued in CANADA and is under the trustee-ship of Garry Cameron. These will be used for various activities, which all members of the JURASSIC can participate in, if they wish. However, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has strict rules about how K8SSJ can be used. The call sign is issued to be used either at JURASSIC HQ (Donner's address), or at a portable location only when the trustee is present. If any member is in the area of JURASSIC HQ, even though you don't have a personal FCC license, you would be allowed to be on the air under the K8SSJ callsign as long as the trustee is present. This is a real nice way to get your feet wet in amateur radio, and see what it's like to talk with people all over the world. Please contact Carolyn if you are going to be in the area.


Although phone numbers are included with the Crew Roster for each member, you are not expected to use them unless you are working on a project with another member(s) where some clarification may be required. Please bear in mind that even though you are awake, someone you want to call might be sleeping. Use some common sense in this. Our members are spread out all over the U.S. and in some other Countries, so there can be a BIG difference in the time zones. It is best if possible in most cases to use snail mail or e-mail. If another person would like to talk on the phone, make sure that you call during good hours for them . . . always check with them to be sure you have called at a convenient time. Some people like to keep their phones free so please don't wear out the welcome mat. For instance, the CO enjoys chatting with any and all members who want to call, but not when I have food boiling over on the stove. <grin>

Also, please DO NOT give out another member's phone number to a non-member without first checking with the member to see if it is all right.


If you are unsure whether or not you should associate the USS JURASSIC name with an event or party happening in your area, please check with the XO and/or CO. We do like to get as much advertising as possible and do like to be associated with community and other club's activities. BUT we do have to be careful that we do not wind up owing lots of money for some project the USS JURASSIC is associated with. We have very limited funds and could not handle having to pay half the expenses for some community event just because a community organization misunderstood our offer to help as an offer to help pay for the activity.

Also, we want to be sure the name USS JURASSIC is only associated with helpful family type (and fun, of course) activities. So if you think we should be involved with a particular activity, remember to send a written request and explain who and what the activity is, who is in charge of it, and what would be expected of the club as a whole.