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How to Earn Promotion Points

  1. 1/4 page text for use in JURASSIC  or any STARFLEET publication.
  2. Artwork that is not very complex or time consuming (line drawing) for use in JURASSIC  or any STARFLEET publication.
  3. Passing any STARFLEET ACADEMY school course excluding OTS, OCC.*
    (Send a  copy of your diploma along with your Promotion Record Sheet.)
  4. Attend a STAR TREK related convention or hamfest.
  5. Donating 100 stamps to the JURASSIC Stampede Project.
  6. Recruiting a new member to STARFLEET and the JURASSIC.
  7. Donating photos of JURASSIC members at work (or play) doing things to help the JURASSIC (such as recruiting at a con, or partying with other JURASSIC members, etc.), STARFLEET (such as working with another ship on a con, etc.), or a community service type of event.  These photos should go  to the JURASSIC webmaster, who may put them on the JURASSIC website.  The photos will not be returned, so make sure you have a copy for yourself.  (The 5 points are for photos from one event -- not per photo.)
  8. Posting JURASSIC announcements and information on Computer BBS's that have STAR TREK, Science Fiction, or related bulletin boards.
  9. Recycling 25 lbs. of aluminum cans (soft drink cans, cat food cans, etc.) and donating the money (if any) to the JURASSIC recycling project.
  10. Recycling newspapers, plastic, glass, etc.  (Please state what was recycled, etc.)

  1. Write a 1/2 to 1 page article for a JURASSIC, STARFLEET, Science Fiction, or Amateur Radio publication.
  2. Artwork that requires several hours to create for use in any STARFLEET, JURASSIC, Science Fiction, or Amateur Radio publication.
  3. Attend a weekend STAR TREK, Science Fiction, or amateur radio related convention and take JURASSIC flyers to put on the "free" table.  (You are responsible for making copies of the flyer and seeing that there are some on the table each day of the convention.  You can get a master copy of the flyer from the JURASSIC website or from the Commanding Officer.)
  4. Writing a book, movie, or episode review of a STAR TREK, science fiction, or amateur radio related book, movie, or episode for use in a JURASSIC or STARFLEET publication.  (Must be at least 1/2 page long.)
  5. Writing poetry that is STAR TREK, science fiction or amateur radio related for use in a JURASSIC or STARFLEET publication. (Must be at least 1/2 column long).

  1. Complex article more then 1 page long for JURASSIC or STARFLEET publication.
  2. Working 4 hours or more at a Community Service event in your own community.
    Please be specific about what the Community Service Organization is, what the event is, and  what your part was in the event.
  3. Organizing and completing a short term project for the U.S.S.  JURASSIC.

  1. Working at a STAR TREK, science fiction, or amateur radio related convention, such as panelist, con security, etc.
  2. Organizing a recruiting table for the U.S.S. JURASSIC and STARFLEET at a local convention, or community event.
  3. Participating in an Amateur Radio Event, such as Field Day, a hamfest, Special
    Event station, etc. This is for participating, not for attending only.

*One promotion can be earned by taking and passing both OTS and OCC. Please turn in a copy of both diplomas to the Records Officer and send a note to the XO saying you have passed both schools and given copies of diplomas to the RO.

NOTE: If you can think of anything else that you do that you think is worthy of points, please let the CO and/or XO know. We are always looking for more ways to award points, and your suggestions may be just what we are looking for. The above are merely suggestions of ways to earn points. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your DC, XO, or CO.