Chain of Command

Chapter History

General Policies

Jurassic Logos

Membership Application


Rank and Promotions

- How to Earn Points

- Promotion Points Report Sheet

- Requirements

Staff Roster

Staff Roster

Command Staff

Commanding Officer: Nancy R. Hall,  kc4iyd(at)

First Officer: Jill Tipton,  thegornacademy(at)

Department Chiefs

Communications: Garry Cameron,  ve7ssj(at)

Computer Operations: VACANT, See Science

Engineering: Gary Donner,   k8be(at)

Medical: VACANT, see security

Operations: VACANT

Science: Nancy Hall,   kc4iyd(at)

Security: Jill Tipton,  thegornacademy(at)

Other Positions

Treasurer: Jerry Silman,   huggee(at)

Newsletter Editor: Jill Tipton,  thegornacademy(at)


Afghan: VACANT

Fictional Profiles: VACANT

Overseas Coupon Project: Annette Wood,

Amateur Radio - K8SSJ Carolyn   space(at) & Gary Donner,   k8be(at)

and VE7SSJ Garry Cameron,   ve7ssj(at)