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There are many publications available to USS JURASSIC members. Some are free; some require you to send self-addressed stamped envelopes (SASE); and some require a subscription fee. It's always best to send a note to the editor of the publication to find out what the latest fee, if any, is. Always remember to include a SASE for a quick reply.


COMMUNIQUE: The Communique is the bimonthly newsletter/magazine that Starfleet publishes for its membership. This magazine contains news about the latest activities, policies, etc. in Starfleet. It also contains news of the Starfleet projects, ships, scholarships, and Starfleet Academy. In addition to Starfleet news, the Communique tries to keep the membership up to date on the latest Star Trek news, rumors, book reviews, games, etc.

FANZINES: Fanzines are published by several Starfleet chapters. The best way to find out about them, is to check the classified section of the Communique.


CHANNEL 01: The Region One RDC of Communications publishes a newsletter that covers all the latest news happening within Region One. You will find news about individual ships, news from the Regional Division Chiefs (RDC's); news about R/1 conventions and summits; cartoons designed by R/1 personnel; etc. It's an excellent way to keep up to date on what is happening in the region. You'll also find info from the Regional Coordinator and Vice Regional Coordinator. Write to the RDC of Communications for more information. There is a subscription cost for receiving this newsletter.

OTHER REGION ONE PUBLICATIONS: From time to time, various ships within R/1 will put together a publication for all of R/1. The best place to find out about these is in the CHANNEL 01. Although we try to keep the JURASSIC members updated on these things, there is not always room in the JURASSIC newsletter to print everything that is going on within Region One. It's a very active region.


CREW HANDBOOK: The USS JURASSIC publishes a CREW HANDBOOK which contains information on how you can be involved in the chapter. You'll find information about ranks, promotions, chain of command, officers lists, projects, etc. One printed copy is free to every JURASSIC member and is usually mailed out within a couple of weeks of receiving your membership. If you loose your handbook or would like a second copy, you can order them by sending a check or money order for $4.00 (made out to JURASSIC) to the commanding officer, or you can download it from the JURASSIC download page for free.

CREW ROSTER: This is a list of all current JURASSIC members. One copy is mailed free to all new members. The crew roster contains information on every member (name, address, SCC#, department, position, internet address, expiration dates, etc.) Phone numbers are also included in the Crew Roster, but are optional. If you would prefer that your phone number not be listed, please send a note to the Records Officer immediately. You are expected to keep your Crew Roster updated by copying the information on new members from the TREKOSAURUS. If yours is lost or you would like an updated copy, they are available for $1.00 and a SASE with two first class postage stamps from the Records Officer. Make check or money order out to the Records Officer.

TREKOSAURUS: This is the official newsletter of the USS JURASSIC. It is published monthly and usually is mailed during the third or fourth week of the month. If you do not receive a newsletter every month, please contact the newsletter editor. The Trekosaurus is a very important part of the club. It contains news of what is happening on the JURASSIC, in Region One, and Starfleet (as we have space). It also contains news about what the members of the JURASSIC are doing, news about cons attended, department news, etc. You won't want to miss a single issue. Articles in the TS are written and/or submitted by JURASSIC members. The newsletter is limited to 12 pages because this is the maximum number of sheets of paper that can be mailed for one first class postage stamp. All members of the JURASSIC are encouraged to submit articles and art to the newsletter.

DEPARTMENT NEWSLETTERS: Each department is encouraged to create a newsletter for the members of their particular department. Contact your DC directly to find out if your department has a newsletter or to help create one if there isn't already one being published.

DINO TREKS FANZINE: This is an approximately 50 page fanzine that contains short stories, essays, poetry, art, etc. written by Star Trek fans. Although this is published by the USS Jurassic, we do accept art and articles written by both members and non-members. The subject of this fanzine covers all forms of Trek as well as dinosaurs and crossover type stories. To purchase a copy of DINO TREKS, send a SASE to the CO to find out the availability and price of the latest editions. We do encourage our members to both submit art and articles and to purchase this fanzine.

[NOTE: This fanzine has not been published for a couple of years because we do not have an editor. We do still have a few copies of DINO TREKS 1994 and DINO TREKS 1995 (1996 is sold out) available for purchase. Contact the CO for more information about purchasing the fanzine.]

FICTIONAL PERSONNEL PROFILES: Many Jurassic crew members enjoy the fun of adopting a fictional Star Trek alien personality. This can be rewarding as long we all remember these are only fictional. If you hold a responsible position on the Jurassic, your reports MUST be done from a real life point of view. However for everything else, it is sometimes fun to write to other members and sign off with your fictional personality or name, or to begin your own role playing scenerios with other Jurassic members. For this reason, we have started a compilation of Fictional Jurassic Personnel Profiles. If you are interested in being included in this, please contact the leader of this project for instructions on how to submit your fictional profile, and how to obtain a copy of what has already been put together.