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The Engineering Department led by the Chief Engineer designed the external (three views) blueprints for the Shuttle Jurassic. You can see the design along with the specs for the design by clicking on the SHUTTLE JURASSIC BLUEPRINTS above. It was designed to be the fastest shuttle in the fleet. <grin> The shuttle designs were ready to go when we became official as a shuttle (chapter-in-training) of Starfleet - The International Star Trek Fan Association..

The starship blueprints were a little more complicated from the beginning. While Starfleet does not keep a record of shuttle designs, it does keep records on ship designs and they must be approved by the Starfleet Club's Department of Technical Services (DTS). Most new chapters (starships) choose an existing design (one used in a Star Trek series or movie). There are lots of existing designs, so DTS requires a proposed new design to show a need for the design before it will approve it. After having written the fictional history of the USS JURASSIC, we simply explained to the DTS director that not approving our design would seriously endanger the Federation's shakey alliance with the Gorn empire. <grin> Our Chief Enginner, Gary, wanted the JURASSIC to be the first ever JURASSIC CLASS exploratory cruiser. His external designs and explanation were so good the new class of starship was approved on the first try, and no modifications were suggested!