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USS Jurassic Deck Allocation

The USS Jurassic consists of 10 decks numbered 0 through 9. Deck 0 starts at the top just beneath the Upper sensor array, and 9 is on the bottom just above the lower sensor array. The decks are designated as follows:

Deck 0 (gold) -- Main Bridge
Deck 1 (bright blue) -- Medical
Deck 2 (blue) -- Science
Deck 3 (purple) -- Communications
Deck 4 (blue) -- Science in the front section; Upper Shuttle Bay in mid-section; Deuterium Tank and Engineering Impulse Drive toward the rear.
Deck 5 (bright red) -- Engineering with the Shuttle Bay proper in the mid-section and Impulse engines in the rear.
Deck 6 (orange) -- security in front section; lower shuttle bay in mid section; antimatter storage and impulse drive engines in the rear.
Deck 7 (bright blue) -- Medical
Deck 8 (purple) -- Computer Operations
Deck 9 (purple) -- Storage Bays

Yellow sections at the top and bottom are the sensor arrays.