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DATE: September 12, 2009. (We'll be on the air for about 4 hours in the late morning and/or afternoon - local time ... so look for us in the General frequencies on 10, 20, 40, or 80 meters.) Send QSL card and SASE to N8ST.

Amateur radio has a unique way of celebrating special events. These events can be anything from a frog jumping contest, to the Rose Bowl Parade, to the 150th anniversary of a state . . . and anything in between. The special event is announced over the amateur radio frequency of the event coordinator's choice. The standard call is "CQ Special Event" followed by a brief explanation of the event. After that the special event caller is deluged with people trying to make a contact with him/her (well, we hope to be deluged with callers wanting to make contacts <grin>). Every caller who makes contact with the event operator is recorded in a log book with the date, time, callsign, name, and state ... and sometimes a contact number. Then the caller who made the contact will send a 9 x 12 SASE to the event address and will receive back a beautiful certificate commemorating the event. Lots of amateur radio operators collect Special Event certificates, and we hope they will add ours to their collection.

Since the USS JURASSIC was officially recognized as a full chapter (Starship) of Starfleet in 1994, we hope to celebrate our anniversary every year with a party and on air special event. The first year to celebrate this momentous occasion was 1999 when we celebrated our 5th Anniversary. Any JURASSIC members who can attend are encouraged to do so and visitors are always welcome.

For those making contact with the USS JURASSIC's SPECIAL EVENT, here is the information you will need, to receive the certificate . . .

Send a QSL card (please put your contact number on the card) , and a 9 x 12 SASE (with three stamps) to:

P. O. Box 158
Hamersville, OH 45130