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Fictional Profiles - Aaron

Name: Noraak Eel Nahhan.

Age: 10 years old

Color: Very pale blue

Eyes: Deep Blue

Hair: Shoulder Length and Blond

Gender: Male

Height: 1.97 Metres (6'5")

Weight: ?

Planet: Watakoa - a planet with mostly seas and very little land. Watakoa is about twice the size of Earth.

Family: Yes, a mate and two kids.

Background: I was born on Watakoa in the year 2355 to Sharka Ray Nahhan, age 7 and Whalna Pine Nahhan, age 6 in the underwater city of Aqua2000. We are born underwater, therefore we Watakoains have gills and lungs. We can live in or out of water, but we must return to the water once a month for at least 26 hours, which is a day on Watakoa.

The average life span of a Watakoain is about 200 years. While on our home planet we live under the sea in cities much like earth. We can talk to each other with clicks and we can talk on land without vocal cords in an Ancient tongue.

Many years ago we did not live under the water. We lived on land like most other races. We and our planet changed and we now enjoy the pleasures of underwater life. We have webbed feet and hands. I worked as a CEO of the Plantland Company. At Plantland we produced advanced computer systems. My mate Peter Nat Nahhan, age 11, stays home with our two kids, Bobby Glow Nahhan, age 1 and Sunbay Ray Nahhan, age 2. Kids are brought to life in Birthing Houses and are given genes from both parents. I joined the USS Jurassic when the ship was passing through our system and Our planet) hailed her.

As the CEO of the largest company on the planet I was a guest of the greeting party. While the crew of the Jurassic was visiting I decided to join the crew as an engineer.

When I first joined the Jurassic I was asked to design three new long range shuttles for the ship. With the help of the Gorn crew members we hit pay dirt. I have enjoyed my time on the ship. I even led an away mission to the former Error/1 Planet. That was one for the books. We almost did not make it back thanks to the alien race we encountered. As a member of the Jurassic I have made it hard on my family but I believe it will help in the long run.

On Watakoa: 1 year = 3 earth years - 448 days a year - 56 weeks a year - 14 months a year - 1 week is 8 days long - 1 day is 26 hours - Our average temperature is 82 degrees Fahrenheit

Current Fictional Profiles
NOTE: Fictional profiles in black boxes are current JURASSIC members. Fictional profiles in gray are former members.
Aaron - Engineering officer - Watakoa Lee - Operations Officer - Klingon
Carolyn - Commanding Officer - Human Mandi - Security Officer - Human
Frank - Vulcan/Human Marc - Gorn Karrak
Gary - Chief Engineering Officer - Gorn / and Haza Tu Nancy - Science Crewmember - Trill
Garry - Communications Officer - Human / and Companions and fictional SF officers Peter - Human/Klingon
Harold - Communications Officer - Human Ralph - Medical Officer - human
Jill - Chief Security Officer - Klingon Sharon - Chief Medical Officer - Hu-Were
Joe - Chief Science Officer - Vulcan/human Tom - Human (and cats)
John - Medical Officer - Human/Betazoid William - Engineering officer - Between