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Fictional Profiles - Rebel Queen (Mandi)

Name(s): Amanda Jane Herrmann Livingston

Nickname: Mandi or RebelQueen

Rank: Rear Admiral

RACE: Human

Planet Of Birth: Earth

Gender: Female

AGE (in Earth Years): Classified Information– appearance is mid-to-late 20's.

Height: 1.63 meters (5 feet, 4 inches)

Weight: Around 130 lbs

Eyes: Brown-Green Hazel

Hair: Dark Brown

Distinguishing Features: A Ferengi trader she met on an undercover mission to free federation slaves said, "Quite Attractive, for a Hu-man female. I would trade 415 bars of gold-pressed latinum for you."

Marital Status: Married to Eric, a civilian engineer currently on contract with STARFLEET to design new Computer Systems.

Pets: One dog, a dachshund named Hootie.

Current Position: Chief of Security, USS Jurassic; Assistant Inspector General, Region One

Former Positions: Classified Information in regards to first STARFLEET assignment. Unclassified information: Chief of Security and XO on USS Charleston; Chief of Security, XO, and Commanding Officer on USS Rutledge; RDC, Region One Security; FDC Fleet Security; Vice Chief of Computer Operations, STARFLEET Command; Short-stint as Vice Chief of Communications; Commandant, STARFLEET Academy.

Skills: Qualified as Marksman on Phaser and Phaser rifle. Some empathic abilities. Served in diplomatic role on various missions. Special/Covert Ops. High-level computer skills (while in Academy programmed food replicator to synthesise old Earth drink Dr. Pepper).

Hobbies: Earth history, political science, music, playing the trumpet, acting, cooking.

History: Amanda Jane Herrmann was born in Charleston, South Carolina on November 24. She attended an Academy prep school and graduated near the top of her class. A couple years before graduating from the prep school, she had a chance encounter with a Starfleet Captain who, along with her parents, solidified her decision to enlist in Starfleet (Turns out this Captain later became Commanding Officer of the USS Jurassic). Upon entrance at the Academy, Mandi excelled in Security, Law, and Command courses. Mandi finished the Academy a year early second in her class and a member of the elite Red Squad. Due to her leadership on Red Squad, she was commissioned a Lt. Jg. Her first duty assignment is currently classified.

Her official service records list her as assigned to teaching duties at Starfleet Academy, but there is no record of classes taught by then Lt jg Mandi Herrmann. Mandi even has few memories of this time. She has, at times, had flashbacks regarding this tour of duty. This is a mystery haunting her to this day.

Mandi then was posted to the construction team of the USS Charleston at Starbase 294 as Assistant Security Chief. Her job was to oversee implementation of all weapons systems. She was quickly promoted to Security Chief and promoted to Lieutenant after the shuttle carrying the designated Security Chief suffered an explosion and all on board where killed. During her tour of duty on the USS Charleston, Mandi worked her way through the ranks and even served as Executive Officer. Mandi also served as Chief of First Fleet Security where she worked with Commander Randy Norris, then Assistant Chief of First Fleet Security.

Mandi left the USS Charleston and joined the construction team of the USS Rutledge once again at Starbase 294. The impetus for the change of duty station was to serve as Second Officer and Security Chief under the command of her father, Captain Bill Herrmann. During the construction of the USS Rutledge, Mandi served a short stint at Starfleet Headquarters as Chief of Starfleet Security and received a promotion to Captain. Once the USS Rutledge left dry-dock on her maiden voyage, Mandi returned to active Star ship duty. Due to her first duty to the truth, she had some involvement in exposing the corruption of Dominion controlled Fleet Admiral McGinnis. After Fleet Admiral Michael D. Smith was promoted Commander-in-Chief, Mandi served a year as Vice Chief of Starfleet Computer Operations. It was during this time the Dominion War erupted. The Rutledge saw many battles over the course of the Dominion War. Mandi also oversaw the construction of a top-secret project: Project Hunley. Named after a Civil War era submarine (the first to sink an enemy vessel in battle), the Hunley was a modified shuttle capable of carrying a wide array of weaponry and was rumoured (denied by Starfleet officials on the record) to have the ability to fire while cloaked. The details of this project are still mostly classified.

During one raid on Setlick III, Mandi injured her right knee severely, and had to undergo emergency reconstructive surgery. Fleet Captain Bill Herrmann was seriously injured in this battle as well, and Rutledge Executive Officer David Horner received a field promotion to Captain and Mandi then stepped up to Executive Officer. After his recovery, FCapt “Wild Bill” Herrmann returned to active duty, but accepted an operations position on the Rutledge. During this time, Mandi took charge of Starfleet Academy as Commandant and was promoted to Rear Admiral. She then became reacquainted with now-Admiral Carolyn Donner, an Academy instructor and CO of the USS Jurassic. Due to the Dominion War, Academy cadets were put on the fast-track and many were granted field promotions and commissions after just two years at the Academy. Mandi oversaw reorganisation of the Academy structure in order to assure cadets were prepared for active Starfleet duty in as little as two years.

On a personal note, during her time at Starfleet Academy, Mandi had a chance to reacquaint herself with friends on Earth. During a chance encounter while visiting her hometown, Mandi met up with a fellow graduate, Eric Livingston, of the Academy prep school she attended. He had foregone the Academy and had pursued a career as a Computer Engineer at the Daystrom Institute. Eric was on Earth to submit a proposal to Starfleet to develop new computer defence systems for use on Star ships during the war. Romance blossomed, and the two ended up getting engaged. Mandi, however, was reassigned from Earth back to star ship duty and left the Academy; however, this time she was promoted to Commanding Officer of the USS Rutledge. Mandi and Eric kept in constant communication while she served deep space duty, and at the conclusion of the Dominion War, she returned to Earth and got married.

After the end of the war, the battle-scared USS Rutledge was retired as an active ship-of-the-line and Mandi seriously considered retirement. The fatigue of war and the death of so many friends and academy students were not pleasant memories. After taking a sabbatical, Mandi contacted her old friend Admiral Carolyn Donner. Carolyn helped convince Mandi to take an easier assignment than that of Command, and after much thought, Mandi accepted the position of Chief of Security on the USS Jurassic. The circle was complete.

Mandi Livingston now serves on the USS Jurrasic. Her husband Eric is currently on contract assignment to develop new computer systems for Star ship use, and is based on the USS Jurassic as a civilian computer specialist. She has one dog, a rather rotund wiener-dog named Hootie. She is on staff of the Inspector General, Starfleet’s office as Assistant IG for the First Fleet, and serves in that capacity as needed.

Personality: RAdm Mandi Livingston is known to be demanding, yet compassionate to those under her command. She is also someone who is fiercely loyal to those who are honourable and worthy of respect. She expects honesty and honourable actions from those above and below her in the chain of command. She's known to stand-up to those above her in the chain of command if she feels they are acting dishonourably. She's a hard worker while on duty, yet enjoys having fun with friends and family while off-duty.

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