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Fictional Profiles - William - Engineering Officer

Name: William (on Between Means: To go forth)

Rank: Petty Officer

Race: Between

Planet of birth: Between

Gender: Male

Age: 37 Earth years

Height: 1.85 Metres (6 Ft.)

Weight: 83.2 Kg (183 lb.)

Eyes: Blue

Distinguishing Features: Light Blue hair but more in the form of moss, that has nerves and blood vessels. Can never be cut but grows down to the mid section of the back. Tips of fingers are small talons and instead of a pinkie we have an opposing thumb. A tail that can be used as a normal limb, whip like weapon.

Some 1,200 years ago, my people were among, if not, one of the most advanced space faring species in the galaxy. We had the means from our ships to travel from one end of the galaxy to the other. Our world was what you would call an Eden, we were a blessed people. Because of this we became over zealous in our quest to help many other species in any way we could but only if was for peaceful intentions.

Even with the speeds of our ships, it still took years or decades to travel from our world to the furthest reaches of the galaxy. Until, our scientists came up with a means to speed up light itself. This would be like riding with the rapids in a boat.

For years my people worked on a system of satellites that worked together along with built in transporters to form a large array of beams that crisscrossed each other for over 3,200,000 kilometers. This caught the light of our sun which in theory was to cause a sling shot effort speeding up light.

On the first (and last) test the beams caught the light of our sun but instead of slinging it to the star it was aimed at, it bounced back and forth into the sun. Because of the over surge in the transporters this duplicated another sun on the other side of our system. Our world was now in a tug of war between these two stars (so became the new name). This has caused our world to be at a constant struggle, volcanoes and earthquakes are an everyday norm now. Our oceans and continents are always changing.

Now, about how we survived. Because of the increased speeding up of light then, my people were changed. Our sense of sight, is always ahead in time from the rest of our mind and body. My people fall into 3 races; Slow light, such as I am, which gives me the ability to always see 3 seconds into the future. Fast light, those that always see 7 years ahead and Eternal light, those that can see from their present time up until their deaths. With this we were and are, able to avoid the disasters that befall our world daily.

All records and knowledge we had were destroyed in our fight to survive and understand what had happened to us. It is only now that we have learned space flight once again but only a very few of us ever leave our home. I am the first to make contact with Starfleet, so my people have asked me on their behalf to join.

Current Fictional Profiles
NOTE: Fictional profiles in black boxes are current JURASSIC members. Fictional profiles in gray are former members.
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