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Fictional Profiles - Marc - Karrak


RACE: Gorn

Planet of Birth: S'sgarnon

Gender: Male

Age: 75 (young for his race)

Height: 7'2"

Weight: 345 lbs

Eyes: Silver

Hair: none

Other features: Prominent sharp teeth, like a T. Rex

Unusual Physical Characteristics:

Special Skills: Strength

Trained Skills: skilled with Gorn spear, Klingon Bat'leth

Notes/History: Karrak is the grandson of Commander S'alath, the Gorn Captain who fought Kirk over a century ago. He left his homeworld for personal reasons, which he now regrets. He felt that he couldn't measure up to the legacy of his forebears. Later, he realized the truth of the ancient Gorn proverb, "Do not run from your troubles, for they will pursue and overtake you. Face them, and you will find them smaller than you thought." With that, he underwent a spiritual awakening. He entered Starfleet Academy, and excelled. At the time, he was the first Gorn there. Through him, the Federation's knowledge of the quite reclusive race grew by leaps and bounds. Starfleet Diplomatic Corps hints that he may play a key role in the ongoing negotiations between the Gorn Alliance and the Federation to establish normal relations. He longs to see his homeworld again, especially the one he calls Klamzath, one named Z'larki. (the nearest equivalent of that word is the Betazoid word Imzadi.) Unknown to him, she is training to become an ambassador to the Federation so she can be near him. He has adopted a hero, which is his favorite holodeck program. It is the ancient Terran warrior John Wayne, and Karrak thinks Wayne actually did those things he saw. Nobody had the heart to tell him that John Wayne was only an actor. Also, Admiral Chakotay, (of Voyager fame) has introduced Karrak to his own animal guide, a tra'nark, (bird of fortune) The Gorn word for fortune, fate, destiny, luck, etc, k'nar, is related. That bird is a large red tropical bird with a long tail. The sight of that rare bird is thought to be a sign of good fortune among the Gorn. (I hope all this was sufficient. I look forward to this, as I have developed this character through many sims.)

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