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Fictional Profiles - Lee

Name: Valdorf son of Slay'for

Race: Klingon

Planet of Birth: Khittomer Outpost

Rank: Lieutenant (jg)

Gender : Male

Age: approximately 30 (Standard Earth years)

Height: 1.8 meters 5’ 10”

Weight: 102.27 kg (225 lb)

Valdorf was born to the noble house of Klingon Ambassador Slay'For some 30 years ago. Tensions between the Klingons and Romulans were high, not to mention, the Terrans were in that pot as well.

On that day that the Romulans attacked, Slay'For risked his life to save his wife and child. He died honorably in battle with a Romulan bastard that attacked his wife, Ma'arissq'. He killed the Romulan with a strike with his da'Ktagh blade. He managed to get his wife to safety on an outgoing shuttle, but before they could board a Warbird scout-vessel shot the shuttle and blew it up. His wife died in the explosion and so did his son (or so he thought).

Two years later, a new scout vessel came to Khittomer as the Federation was just setting up their base on Khittomer. The scout vessel beamed down an away team to find any minerals of any kind. They parked on the far side of Khittomer and not only did they have a "Profitable" mission but they found a Klingon child approx. two Standard Earth years of age.

The "large-eared" commander of the scout vessel took the child into his home. The boy knew his own name and cost he and his wife much latinum over the years with his temper.

Valdorf grew up studying his heritage much the same as another child of Khittomer had. Although to graduate from his benefactors schools, he had to memorize all 250 Rules Of Acquisition!!

That's right the race that found Valdorf were Ferengi.

He joined Starfleet at the Age of Ascenscion (21) and has enjoyed becoming a member of the first Jurassic-class exploratory starship cruiser.

He(I) was commissioned as a Chief Petty Officer (having graduated OTS and OCC), he was promoted to MCPO soon after and later to the rank of LTJG.

P.S. The "28" after my persona name was the age I was when I created Valdorf son of Slay'for.

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