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Fictional Profiles - Tom - Operations Department member

Name(s): Thomas, aka "Little Guy"

Rank: RADM

RACE: Human.... pretty much

Planet Of Birth: Earth

Gender: Male

AGE: thirtysomething

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 140 lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Black, and thinning

Distinguishing Features: Wears a brown fedora, frequently seen holding a cup of coffee.

Unusual Physical Characteristics: Little Guy

Special Skills: Latent but slight empathic. High aptitude for mathematics and linguistics. Talented in Bajoran and Klingon culinary arts.

Trained Skills: Communications, Computer Subsystems, Command Training. Also skilled in covert operations.

Notes: Served in the Starfleet Rangers with a rank of 1st Lt. Assigned to Starfleet Academy for past four years, following recovery from a classified mission during the Dominion War.

Tom & Maggie's cats

Name: Kameron

Gender: (neutered) male

Age: 11 years

Breed: Mixed (part Siamese, part Tabby, perhaps MaineCoon as well--he has a huge skeletal structure, with a head as big as a small bowling ball)

Color: Grey, cream, and white mixture, with dark grey stripes and what looks like a bar code on the top of his head; bright blue, slanted almond shaped eyes. Tabby markings.

Name: Delenn ("I am Grey. I stand between the water bowl and the food dish.")

Gender: (spayed) female

Breed: Half Russian Blue, half Calico

Color: Blue-grey, with faint cream colored spots and patches; white also can be seen in small spots. (The shape of her face is definitely that of a Russian Blue; she has the typical jowly jaw and the smile. Her eyes are green.

Current Fictional Profiles
NOTE: Fictional profiles in black boxes are current JURASSIC members. Fictional profiles in gray are former members.
Aaron - Engineering officer - Watakoa Lee - Operations Officer - Klingon
Carolyn - Commanding Officer - Human Mandi - Security Officer - Human
Frank - Vulcan/Human Marc - Gorn Karrak
Gary - Chief Engineering Officer - Gorn / and Haza Tu Nancy - Science Crewmember - Trill
Garry - Communications Officer - Human / and Companions and fictional SF officers Peter - Human/Klingon
Harold - Communications Officer - Human Ralph - Medical Officer - human
Jill - Chief Security Officer - Klingon Sharon - Chief Medical Officer - Hu-Were
Joe - Chief Science Officer - Vulcan/human Tom - Human (and cats)
John - Medical Officer - Human/Betazoid William - Engineering officer - Between