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Fictional Profiles - Joe

Rank: Lieutenant (jg)

Race: Vulcan/Human hybrid

Planet of Birth: None, born in interstellar space.

Gender: Male

Age: Approximately 76 Earth years

Height: 1.7 Metres (5’ 6”)

Weight: 75 Kilograms (165 lb)

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Distinguishing Features: Normal Vulcan ears, green tint to skin

Parents deceased. Father was a native born Vulcan, an explorer for the Vulcan Science Academy who was assimilated by the Borg approximately 25 Earth years ago while on a deep space mission. He was believed killed during encounters with the species from fluidic space in the near past.

Because of the loss of all individuality it is difficult to be sure that this was the case but from the standpoint of his loss of identity his son has accepted his father as no longer living. Mother was a Human/Vulcan hybrid, whose parentage can be traced back to one of the group of Vulcan's which visited earth at the time of "First Contact" between the races, just after the first successful Warp transit by Mr. Cochrane.

She attained the rank of Lt. Commander in Starfleet last serving onboard the starship USS Einstein. She was killed at Wolf 359 during the attempt to stop the Borg cube inbound to Earth approximately 10 Earth years ago.

Lt. Lamantia (Vulcan name is Saklath) was up to 10 years ago a merchant trader in the Orion belt. The death of his Mother and the Borg entry into Federation space brought home the fact that even the relentless logic that he was taught growing up on Vulcan Prime was not enough to save either of his races. He joined Starfleet, rapidly advancing through the ranks and receiving a battlefield commission to Ensign during an engagement with a large Romulan force attempting to acquire the Federation Deep Space station 12 as a springboard to invasion.

Since that time he has served on three other ships, now assigned as Chief Science Officer, specializing in Astrophysics and Computer Science onboard the exploratory vessel USS Jurassic.

Current Fictional Profiles
NOTE: Fictional profiles in black boxes are current JURASSIC members. Fictional profiles in gray are former members.
Aaron - Engineering officer - Watakoa Lee - Operations Officer - Klingon
Carolyn - Commanding Officer - Human Mandi - Security Officer - Human
Frank - Vulcan/Human Marc - Gorn Karrak
Gary - Chief Engineering Officer - Gorn / and Haza Tu Nancy - Science Crewmember - Trill
Garry - Communications Officer - Human / and Companions and fictional SF officers Peter - Human/Klingon
Harold - Communications Officer - Human Ralph - Medical Officer - human
Jill - Chief Security Officer - Klingon Sharon - Chief Medical Officer - Hu-Were
Joe - Chief Science Officer - Vulcan/human Tom - Human (and cats)
John - Medical Officer - Human/Betazoid William - Engineering officer - Between