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Fictional Profiles - Peter - Human/Klingon

Name: Wa'DIch Nagh Kassara

Rank: Lt. Commander

Race: Human/Klingon

Planet of Birth: Qo'nos the Klingon Homeworld

Gender: Male

Age: 35 Standard Earth Years

Height: 1.7 Meters (5'9")

Weight: 102.27 kg (225lbs.)

Wa'DIch was born on the Klingon Homeworld some thirty five years ago. His father was a Klingon craftsman, and his mother was the daughter of a human diplomat. His father was a metal worker who specialized in the creation of the Bat'leth. This skill was passed on from father to son through many generations of the family.

At the Age of Ascension, (21) he left the Homeworld for the Klingon Monastery on the planet Boreth. Here he studied Klingon philosophy, literature, culture, and of course the tales of Kahless. Rising to the rank of High Cleric life was good.

When the Klingon civil war began in 2367-68, Wa'DIch felt the call of the warrior, and left the monastery in secret, and joined the Klingon Navy. Being assigned to the IKV Bloodsword first as weapons officer and then as first officer, he distinguished himself many times in battle. After the glorious death of the ship's captain, Wa'DIch assumed that role after killing several members of the ships crew that attempted to challenge his authority. As Captain, he led the ship in many battles, and won the admiration of Gowron.

With the war over, and not wanting to return to the monastery, he was accepted to Starfleet Academy, where he graduated with honors. Commissioned as a Lieutenant, he was assigned to a star base in the operations section. Being promoted to the rank of Lt. Commander, he was reassigned to the USS Jurassic.

Wa'DIch is skilled in the use of the Bat'leth and many other Klingon weapons. An avid student of history and languages, Wa'DIch as become proficient in more than 100 languages. He spends his off duty times in prayer and study of the Klingon religion.

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