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Fictional Profiles - John - Medical Officer

Name: John

Rank: Chief Petty Officer

Race: Humanoid, Betazoid

Planet of birth: Betazed

Gender: Male

Age: 35 earth years

Height: 1.85 Metres (6')

Weight: 95.5 Kg (210 lbs)

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Distinguishing Features: Beard and Mustache

Skills: Graduated Starfleet Medical Academy with honors, specializing in Xenobiology, Herbal Studies, and Psychiatry.

Hobbies: yoga, martial arts, horticulture, and zoology.


John grew up on the planet Betazed. He is from a race of Telepaths/Empaths.

John grew up in a small suburb of one of the main cities in the temperate climate zone. He was trained in herbal medicines by one of the local physicians whom he assisted there. The physician combined modern technology with ancient Betazed lore to treat patients.

John found this fascinating and spent many hours with the Doctor, who inspired him to study medicine. The finest facility for that study was at Starfleet he applied and was accepted.

Currently he is stationed on the USS Jurassic, under the supervision of the Chief Medical Officer.

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