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Fictional Profiles - Harold (Ryder Hook)

Real Name(s): Harold Lines

Fictional Name(s): Ryder Hook

Rank: Lieutenant Commander

RACE: Human

Planet Of Birth: Terra

Gender: Male

AGE: 35

Height: 6 feet 1 inch

Weight: 220 pounds

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Distinguishing Features: Broad across the shoulders, thick through the chest, slim around the middle.

Unusual Physical Characteristics: Thin lips, beaked nose, arrogant chin

Special Skills: Extreme physical strength and speed, radio/subspace communications capability using organic cranial implants

Trained Skills: Assassin, electronics expert, hand to hand combat, pilot


His father was an electronics designer with the Utopia Planitia Feet Yards, and was killed in a yard accident about which very little information was ever known. His mother was a promising young actress. He was born in a suburb of the city of Phoenix on the planet Earth.

As a young man, Jack Kinch was recruited into Starfleet Section 31 after graduation from Starfleet Academy. He was sent to Rocket Consortium International (RCI), where he was the first experimental subject in the RCI Powerman Project. The purpose of the Powerman Project was to outfit humans to be able to work on heavy gravity planets. RCI modified the atoms and molecules of his cells, gave his proteins metallic bases, and turned his bones into semi-metallic constructs that could withstand titanic gee forces. The experiment worked, and Kinch was able to function under heavy (artificial) gravity conditions where unmodified humans would not be able to move. But the project was so expensive that it was abandoned, and Hook was returned to Section 31.

Section 31 considered Kinch to be extremely valuable, so he underwent further modifications. He had undetectable organic implants installed in his skull through which he could access local and subspace communications networks. He also had an implant that would jam the homotropic devices that traced people by their sweat emissions and dropped skin cells and breathing exhalations. For a time he became a galactic assassin extraordinary.

After several assassinations, Kinch began to question his choice of professions His superiors had assured him that his actions worked for the common good. But by his perception, in most cases he removed one evil only to have another rise in its place. Finally, fed up with the killings that never seemed to solve anything, Kinch pulled a bit of misdirection and disappeared from sight. Using money that he had accumulated over the years, he contracted with a clandestine body-shaping laboratory and changed his identity. His remaining money went toward revising Starfleet records to create the persona of Ryder Hook. With forged transfer papers, he came aboard the USS Jurassic and was assigned to the Communications Division. Although he remains a happy and productive member of the Jurassic crew, Ryder Hook knows that Section 31 will never give up the search for Jack Kinch.

Current Fictional Profiles
NOTE: Fictional profiles in black boxes are current JURASSIC members. Fictional profiles in gray are former members.
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