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Fictional Profile - Carolyn

Name and Rank: ADM Carolyn (Nickname: ADM Dino)

RACE: Caucasian Human

Planet Of Birth: Earth

Gender: Female

AGE: Old enough to know the rules, young enough to ignore them if the need arises.

Height:. 1.63 meters (5 ft. 4 in)

Weight: ????

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Dark Brown

Distinguishing Features: ambidextrous

Marital status: married to the Chief Engineer on the USS JURASSIC -- the Mighty Gorn.

Pets: One Pterodactyal (known as Pteri) given to her by the Gorn emperor. It is actually what we earthlings would refer to as a minature pterodactyal. One of the smaller breeds. It is not yet full grown, and lives most of the time in the shuttle bay (the only place on the ship with enough open space for the Pterodactyal to fly around freely). Although the entire crew has adapted to having this pet on board (even sneaking special food tidbits to her), Pteri knows who her owner is, and while tame and loveable most of the time, will attack anyone making any type of threatening gesture to her owner. She also spends time in the CO's cabin, where she enjoys the attention she receives from the CO.

Current Position: Captain of the former First Fleet Flagship, USS JURASSIC NCC-3500.

Former Positions: Director of Starfleet Academy's Officers Command College and College of Communications as well as serving as Assistant and Acting Commandant of Starfleet Academy. Starfleet's Region One Regional Coordinator. Not all at once, of course.


Born and raised near Edinburgh, Scotland. She comes from a long line of Starfleet officers and engineers. She is a descendant of Montgomery Scott -- well known Starfleet engineer. She studied engineering at both Starfleet Academy's Engineering School, and the Andorian College of Engineering. After graduation, she served onboard several starships distinguishing herself both as an excellent engineer and leader. Her captain recommended her to Starfleet Academy's Officers Training School. Finishing OTS she continued through the SFA's Officers Command College, and Flag Officers School. After serving as commanding officer of the only starship to survive the battle of ?????, she was awarded the Starfleet Medal of Honor, and asked to teach at SFA's OCC. Five years in this position gave her time to pursue her other interest ... archaeology. During the summers, she participated in and directed several excavations on various planets throughout the universe. She is still called upon to be a consultant on excavations. This gives her a chance to keep up on the latest archaelogical excavations and techniques.

After five years as professor at SFA, she became anxious to travel the galaxy again, so requested assignment on board a starship. Starfleet Command did not want to waste her abilities by putting her on a starship in any capacity except that of commanding officer, but they had no starships available at the time. They talked her into waiting 6 months while they finished the new warp engine equiped shuttle which was just about ready for it's shakedown cruise. The shuttle had had many difficulties in the building process ... mysterious breakdowns, injuries, rumors floating around about senior officers, etc. As a result the original officer chosen to command the shuttle mysteriously disappeared. Upon learning that Donner was interested in commanding a ship again, Starfleet immediately chose her to command the new Shuttle Jurassic. (see JURASSIC Fictional History to find out how this turned out and how she obtained her current position)


VADM Donner is a fair but strict commanding officer. She knows all the Starfleet regulations by heart having taught them for several years at Starfleet Academy. While she agrees with them in theory, she will be the first to admit that in practice, you have to "go with your gut feeling". She frequently seeks the advice and counsel of her senior officers, yet makes the final decisions herself. When something new works she gives these officers all the credit for the success, and when it doesn't work, she accepts the blame herself -- after all the CO is responsible for everything that happens on her ship. For this reason, her crew will follow her to the ends of the galaxy and back without question.

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